About Us

In the past decade, there is substantial growth on the demand of offshore higher education programs. Transnational education (TNE) has been a key aspect for Universities or Institutions to develop their programs and reputation internationally. Through transnational education cooperation, more options are opened for students to gain internationally recognized qualifications in the way of online learning, study abroad, etc. according to their own needs.

Hong Kong Transnational Education Service Centre was founded in 2013. With its mission of providing quality education, HKTNESC serves as a platform for Universities and high institutions to deliver their programs outside their own countries. To cater the needs of different kind of students, we devoted to provide wide variety of distance learning programs to help young adults and working people to achieve higher qualification under their busy working schedule.

To provide more comprehensive service, HKTNESC started to provide overseas study consultation service since 2015. Our service covers primary, secondary to University level of study to overseas including England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, USA etc. We sincerely help every client to find the most suitable program for further study by our professional service.

We fully understand how parents want to plan the best ahead for their kids, that is why we are gradually developing migration program to Canada, US as well as European countries. By the migration program, students are able to enjoy the education benefits of the country and also gain valuable experience from international learning environment.

We bring the world education together.