About Horizons University
Horizons University seeks to provide a practical, one-on-one learning experience for students through innovative study opportunities, a strong global focus, and personalized instruction tailored to individual learning goals.
They take pride in empowering its students with the opportunity to further their education. This includes students for whom education would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographic, financial, political, or any other number of limitations. Horizons University offers a variety of accredited degree programs in the business field (BBA, MBA and DBA programs) along with online Masters degrees in International Education, Cross-Cultural Communication and French Language and Culture.
The online programs are completed 100% online, without a residency requirement, and are self-paced. The on-campus programs are offered with a blended approach, where students take intensive seminars, and complete the rest of their work independently. All of the degrees and their courses, both online and on-campus, have a high focus on acquiring practical skills, and the intellectual application of the material they’ve learned.