Horizons University
Master of Business Administration

The MBA Program at Horizons University prepares students for leadership positions in global organizations and for careers as independent consultants, entrepre­neurs, and business researchers.

Programme Structure

An MBA structure at Horizons University is made up of core and specialized courses. The core program com­bines traditional business competencies with contem­porary applications to globalization processes, charac­teristics of changing societies, and creative problem solving. Students will complete four core courses before taking  specialized courses.
Four Core courses:

MBA501 Leadership of Contemporary Business Organizations
MBA530 Business Ethics
MBA504 Business Research Strategies
MBA503 Financial Resource Management


International Marketing

MBA520 Global Market Perspectives
MBA521 Marketing Management Process
MBA522 International Marketing Research Methods
MBA523 Marketing Strategy Development
MBA514 Cross-Cultural Communication
MBA525 Advertising
MBA527 Perceptual Psychology in Business (coming soon)

International Management

MBA510 Managing the Multinational Corporation
MBA511 Political/Economic Environment of International Business
MBA512 Human Resource Management in MNCs
MBA513 Global Management Systems
MBA514 Cross-Cultural Communication
MBA515 International Marketing
MBA502 Global Integration Process
MBA516 E-business
MBA505 Advanced Organizational Behavior


The programme was designed to last 2 years.

Mode of Study

The program can be conducted in both on-campus (in French) and online (in English).
Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor with a major in Business.
  • 3 years or more of business related work experience.
  • Proficiency in English.