Horizons University
Doctorate in Business Administration

The DBA is a research Doctorate in Business Administration, which aims at making a contribution to both management practice and theory. The learning objectives of this Degree are to provide high quality skills and the required knowledge for Com­pany Leaders and Executive Managers.

Programme structure

The DBA structure at Horizons University is made up of core and elec­tive courses. These courses are spread out through the three years, and the dissertation is only written during the second and third year. During their time at Horizons University, students will have to take Foundation Seminars.

Year 1

DBA 658

International Business Strategy

DBA 650

International Business Communication

DBA 674

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

DBA 799

Dissertation Proposal Writing

DBA 673

Business Research Methods

DBA 659

International Human Resource Management 

DBA 661

Multicultural Management

Year 2

DBA 660

 Global Economy

DBA 655

 International Leadership 

DBA 780

 Journal Writing

DBA 800

 Dissertation Writing

DBA 671

 Emerging International Markets

DBA 672


Year 3

DBA 670

Global Communication

DBA 800

Dissertation Writing + Defense

DBA 522

International Marketing

DBA 523

Marketing Strategy Development


The dissertation is composed of two phases

  1. Research Proposal.
  2. Independent Research and Dis­sertation Writing.

Mode of Study

The program can be conducted in both on-campus (in French) and online (in English).


The programme was designed to last 3 years.

Admissions Requirements

  1. A Bachelor and a Master Degree with major in Business
  2. 3 years or more of business related work experience
  3. Proficiency in English